Troward on The Spirit of Opulence

The following affirmative script is a rendering of an essay by
Judge Thomas Troward entitled ‘The Spirit of Opulence.’
It has been rewritten in ‘first person’ so that it can be
read as an affirmation of Truth. Additionally, many of the
passages have been edited to make them easier to recite without
altering their original content.
In order to fully embody the Principles of Truth contained
in this document, it is recommended that you read it aloud
to yourself once a day for thirty days.

It would be quite a mistake to suppose that I must restrict
or stint myself in order to develop greater power or usefulness.
This would be to form a conception of the Divine
Power as so limited that the best use I can make of It is a
policy of self-starvation, whether material or mental. Of
course, if I believe that some form of impoverishment is
necessary to my producing good works, then so long as I
entertain this belief the fact is actually so for me.
Furthermore, by attempting to act contrary to what I
really believe, I will create a suggestion of opposition to
the Divine Spirit, which will further paralyze my efforts,
and surround me with a murky atmosphere of distrust
and a distinct lack of joy.

But all this exists in, and is produced by, my belief; and
as I have examined the grounds of this belief, I have
found that it rests upon an entire misapprehension of the
true nature of my own power. Because I now clearly
realize that the creative power in me is unlimited, I
therefore know that there is no reason for limiting the
extent to which I may enjoy what I can create by means
of this power. When I am drawing from the infinite, I am
not afraid of taking more than my share. This is not
where the danger lies. The danger is in not sufficiently
realizing my own richness, and in looking upon the
externalized products of my creative power as being the
true riches instead of the creative power of Spirit Itself.
Because I now avoid this old error, there is no need to
limit myself in taking what I will from the infinite
storehouse: “All things are mine.” And the way I avoid this
error is by realizing that my true wealth comes from my
identification with the Spirit of Freedom , for I am free in
my thinking. Furthermore, I do not just think about money
as such, for that is only one means of experiencing
greater freedom. However, as I think freely, with great
generosity and imagination, I find that the means of realizing
my divine inspirations flow to me from all quarters,
in the form of money, goods, services, ideas,
opportunities, assistance and a hundred other things that
cannot be measured in dollars and cents.
I do not make myself dependent on any particular form
of wealth, or insist on its coming to me through some
particular channel. To do so is to impose a limitation upon
myself and shut out other forms of wealth and close
other channels of reception. Instead, I enter into the
Spirit of it. Now the Spirit is Life, and throughout the
universe, Life ultimately expresses Itself through the
activity of circulation, whether within my physical body or
on the scale of the entire universe. Circulation is the free
flow of Life in self-repeating and ever increasing circular
patterns, and the Spirit of Freedom is no exception to
this universal Law.

As the ‘Principle of Circulation’ becomes increasingly
clear to me, I direct my attention to giving rather than
receiving. I look upon myself, not as a misers’ chest to be
kept locked up for my own benefit, but as a center of
distribution to others. And the better I fulfill my function
as such a center, the greater the corresponding inflow of

Life will be. I know that if I choke myself as an outlet, the
current will slacken. Therefore, I maintain a full and free
flow of Life by keeping myself open as a center of
creative expression. The Spirit of Freedom , which is a
free mode of thinking, consists in cultivating the feeling
that I possess all sorts of riches which I can bestow upon
others. Furthermore, I can bestow them generously,
simply because this very action will open the way for
even greater riches to flow in.

I am no longer tempted to say to myself, “I don’t have
enough money,” or “I don’t have anything to give.” Instead,
I always start from the point where I am; and if my wealth
at the present moment is not abundant on the material
plane, I don’t necessarily start on that plane. There are
many other kinds of wealth that I can give from the
spiritual and mental planes. So, I start from this point
and practice expressing the Spirit of Freedom, even
though my balance at the bank might be nil. And this is
when the universal ‘Law of Attraction’ begins to assert
Itself. I not only experience a creative impulse on the
spiritual and mental planes, but that same impulse
extends Itself through me into the material plane as well.
Because I have realized the true nature of the Spirit of
Freedom, I cannot help drawing to myself material wealth,
as well as those higher forms of riches which cannot be
measured by a money standard. And because I truly
understand the Spirit of Freedom, I neither despise
material wealth, nor do I attribute to it a value that does
not belong to it. Instead, I coordinate it with my other
more interior forms of wealth so as to make it the
material instrument which smoothes the way for the
perfect expression of my divinely inspired ideas. Used in
this way, with the understanding of the relationship which
material wealth bears to spiritual and mental wealth, it
becomes one with them, and is no more to be shunned
and feared than it is to be sought for its own sake.
It is not money, but the love of money, that is the root of
all evil; and the Spirit of Freedom is precisely the
attitude of mind which is furthest removed from the love
of money for its own sake. It does not believe in money.
What it does believe in is the generous feeling which is
the intuitive recognition of the great ‘Law of Circulation.’
In any undertaking, this Law does not make its first question,
“How much am I going to get by it?” Instead, it asks
“How much am I going to do by it?” And by making this
my first question, my getting will flow in to me with a
generous profusion, and with a spontaneity and rightness
of direction that are absent when my first thought is of
receiving only.

I am not called upon to give what I have not yet received
and go into debt. Instead, I am called to give liberally of
what I do have. I act with the knowledge that in doing so, I
am setting the ‘Law of Circulation’ to work, which brings
me greater and greater inflows of every kind of good.
Therefore, my self-expression increases, not by depriving
myself of any personal expansion that I may desire, but
by realizing that every expansion in my own life makes
me a more powerful instrument for expanding the lives of
others. “Live and let live” is the motto of true Freedom.

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