Set Yourself FREE

Use This Fact of Life to Set Yourself Free

by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Freedom is not created, which means it cannot be destroyed any more than the onset of night destroys the light of the sun; and we are never “nearer” this true freedom than when we remember the truth of this fact in the middle of some fear.

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Real Faith and True Freedom

The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to bring you nearer to true freedom…

Here is one of the great spiritual mysteries of all time. Freedom is either found within one’s suffering or not at all; the only thing one escapes who runs from his or her pain is the possibility of discovering its purpose and how to transcend it.

Real faith and true freedom go hand in hand, because no one is free who lives with fear, and fear cannot live in the one who has Faith.

We spend so much of our time caught up thinking about how to succeed with our personal “escape” plans that — for these same dreams of a freedom to come — it never has a chance to dawn on us that our True Nature cannot be made a captive of anything!

No one succeeds in realizing real freedom who — when life seems to conspire against this wish — is turned round by this trouble and starts defending the reasons why he must live as a captive for yet another day.

Seek first freedom from fear and find there, in this interior liberty, the lasting fulfillment only Truth can give. Then, in this new richness, you will be able to do in life what it is you really want to do and, without doubt, be successful there because you have first succeeded as a human being.

This article is excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go

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