God is One Presence and One Power everywhere equally present, expressing as certain qualities or attributes.  These qualities are already the essence of our nature, because our essential nature is God.  As we bring forth these qualities from within and welcome them into expression in all areas of our

lives, we find ourselves living our true nature — living the life of God.

Take some time to read over the list, and find one or two qualities that you would like to focus on bringing into expression in your life this year.  Consider what you must think, how you must act, what must be released and what welcomed in order to manifest this quality in your consciousness and experience.

 You will find an Affirmative Prayer  below.  Happy New Year


ABUNDANCE               Plentifulness, profusion, and ample or overflowing quantity.

                                    (The state of having more than enough!)

BALANCE                    Equilibrium, harmony, an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements.

                                    (Giving enough energy and time to everything that is important to you.)

BEAUTY                      Loveliness; the quality in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the  

                                         senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.


FREEDOM                   Liberation, independence, ease; the absence of necessity, coercion or     

                                         constraint in choice or action.

JOY                                Delight, gaiety, bliss;  a state of happiness;  the emotion evoked by well-                                            being, success, good fortune or by the expectancy of good.

                                    (“Joy is a sure sign of the Presence of God.” – Yogananda)

LOVE                          The self-givingness of God to Its creation; affection, devotion; unselfish

                                    concern that freely accepts another and seeks her/his good.

ORDER                        Regular or harmonious arrangement; organization; a straightening out so 

                                         as to eliminate confusion.

PEACE                          A state of tranquillity or quiet; freedom from disquieting or oppressive

                                     thoughts or emotions;  harmony in personal relations

POWER                       Possession of control, authority or influence; physical, mental or spiritualability to    act    or produce an effect.

UNITY                         Oneness; accord;  continuity without deviation or change.

WHOLENESS              The quality or state of being complete, perfect, restored, unhurt, healed

                                    and having all parts or components.

WISDOM                    Knowledge, insight, good sense;  ability to discern inner qualities and                                  Relationships.



PRAYER:  There is only one Life.  That Life is good, that Life is God, that Life is my Life now!  I know that I am one with this great and wondrous Life, and that I am one with all that this Life is.  And because I know that this Life is a source of (quality of God), I know that this quality is also an expression of my very own being.  here and now I choose to express this quality into my experience of Life in the form of ________________.  As I accept this good into my Life, I give thanks with an open, a gracious and a joyous heart.  I release these words into the Mind of God and they return to me fulfilled.  And so it is.  Amen!


* adapted from “Religious Science Quickstart”  by Rev. Kathy Hearn


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