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aging gracefully

Aging Gracefully

She was the Founding and Senior Minister of the Sarasota Celebration Center & the Community Center for Spiritual Living and is currently the Director of In-Lightened Enterprises and the leader of Spiritual Practices at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light.

She is the author of RECOGNITION: The Quality Way, the #1 best-selling book: What You REALLY Want, Wants You as well as several works on Conscious Aging.

Dr. Toni’s broad range of experiences has brought her in front of audiences at some of the top US companies including IBM, AT&T and Pennzoil as well as college and high students. She served as a Catholic nun and pastoral associate for 16 years before discovering New Thought and becoming a Minister nearly 20 years ago.

She holds a Doctorate in Religious Studies as well as a Doctor of Divinity degree; three Masters Degrees – in Pastoral Ministry, Adult Education, and Mathematics. (a truly whole-brain individual.) She also spent 10 years as an adjunct faculty member for Baker ONLINE college in Michigan, and the University of Phoenix School of Management & Business both in San Diego and Online.

Dr. Toni helps individuals and organizations examine who they are and why they exist. She inspires people to explore what they can be when they operate authentically.

As a speaker and presenter, she shares insights gained through years of experiences on a spiritual path. She is currently focusing on a new venture and new book on the Spirituality of Aging – looking at the aging process itself as fuel for spiritual growth!

Dr. Toni’s wit and wisdom speak to both the head and the heart. Her fascinating life journey has led to a depth of compassion, personal growth and understanding that is truly inspiring.

 Ruth    “I want to express to you how grateful I am for your incredible personal coaching of me for over a two year period. Your insight, knowledge, sensitivity and intuition are amazing! All of those times I met with you and thought I was stuck and there was no answers, you would have the uncanny knack of just asking a few simple questions that would zing to the heart of the issues, allowing me to self discover, gain clarity and grow beyond my own stuck situations.
     It is evident that you have studied and read extensively and rigorously and have been a lifelong student in spiritual growth, yet your true gift is your innate love, compassion and your accomplished communication that has allowed you to provide to me insight and clarity that may have taken many more years for me to unravel.  I am so very grateful to know you and have had you as my spiritual coach.”
Ruth Lawler, P.A.
Broker-Associate, REALTOR, CRS, GRI

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